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I used Citation Machine if that was okay.

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In this article http://www.todayszaman.com/news-264684-mosques-and-churches-by-ali-yurttagul*.html it talks about mosques and churches in Turkey and throughout Europe. The article says that people have islamphobia about turning old churches into mosques. the author says that with waning church populations in Europe and growing Muslim populations it only makes sense to preserve old buildings and use them again.

This article is by an author who usually is a political writer so when he writes this article he really views things as a sided issue with different parties fighting for victory. He is also biased in his writing because he says that he is not a religious person so he can not readily identify with either group of people he is talking about. He views churches and mosques as an architectural model that brings unity of mind and action to people instead of say a religious symbol in itself. The author appears knowledgeable in what he is talking about, but speaks in generalizations and doesn’t give us any statistics and seems to be writing off the top of his head based off a vague historical document that he got in an email. All in all this writer seems to not know what he is talking about.


My project is going to be about religious persecution by the Chinese government. I chose this topic because my church sponsors missionaries in China and I have heard from these missionaries many examples of persecution. I also chose it because of our analysis of the Free Tibet movement in class. I will analyze the articles and videos below and try to find the climate of the writers and narrators and there perspectives on this issue. I will also analyze articles and videos from China and from other countries to try to see the perspectives first of China and then of other countries. I will also explore if the Chinese government effects the perspectives of Chinese writers. The Articles and videos I will use are below, more may be added:





I will do this project in a narrative over a power point or if I can’t figure that out a paper.

In this article http://www.jpost.com/Features/InThespotlight/Article.aspx?id=246287it talks about new evidence for King Frederick III benevolence towards the Muslim people during the Crusades. There is a lot of information about King Frederick and his study of the Islam and his respect to Muslims as a whole.  This new information came from a very old block of stone with engravings in it which was recently discovered on a building. The block apparently had been recycled in this new building from an extremely old building. Scientists place it at 800 years old.

I think it is very interesting that during the Crusades, when the Christians were trying to take back there holy land that they would still show compassion to the Muslims that were there. When I think of the Crusades I think of a long bloody war, where in the end neither side really won. I figured there would be no trying to get to know the enemy because people would fear treason. Frederick III was the King of Jerusalem and was said to be fluent in Arabic and have many Muslims in his court. This really surprised fraternizing with the enemy I thought was frowned upon, but I guess being a King has it’s perks. The article even seems to align with my preconceived notions with surprised intertwined in the words of the author. Frederick III appeared to be a pioneer in his day and that was 800 years ago; I don’t know if we as a world have gotten better.

In this article http://archives.thestar.com.my/search/?q=buddhism it talks about how China is protesting the Dalai Lamas trip to Mongolia. It also comments on China’s stance towards the Dalai Lama as being a sepertaist and a threat to Chinese control in Tibet.

This was a simple article reporting facts about a simple current event, but for a westerner like me it carried much more than that. We just learned in class about Western perceptions of the East and specifically perceptions of Tibet itself. When I think of the Dalai Lama I think of this peaceful guru who doesn’t know of the word violence, but when the Chinese government looks at him they see him as a heretic gaining support to steal something away from them this something being Tibet. This puts China in a bad light through my Western eyes, but think about it if Hawaii all of sudden started to raise support to become a autonomous country claiming that the U.S. isn’t there rightful country. U.S. citizens would be angry and try to quell this movement, while the rest of the world would maybe sympathize with Hawaii. It is a delicate line to tread, our perceptions of things, we really need to make sure that our perceptions are based on fact and not on media or culture. I have gotten really off base compared to this article, but this is what this article got me thinking of.

In this article http://www.npr.org/2011/11/03/141945254/new-mosques-cropping-up-in-chicago-study-shows it talks about how many new mosques are popping up in Chicago, but are meeting resistance from local government and citizens.

As Malik Ali is trying to to get a vote passed to get a mosque built he listens to a citizen talk about how building this mosque will bring terrorists into there back yards. This intolerant and frankly ignorant prejudice against Muslims is unfounded. I have posted about issues like this before one instance would be about opposition to another mosque being built across from the World Trade Centers site. Ten years since 9/11 people still think that every Muslim is a terrorist out to kill all the infidels. More and more Muslims come to America because the major countries practicing Islam are third world countries and seek refuge in America. Only to be met with suspicious looks and prejudices against there religion. We are the land of the free, why do we put stereotypes upon Muslims in America. I read a post about how they were making a TV show about the lives of American Muslims, this is just what America needs to realize that Muslims are just like you and me and lead regular lives.  I hope instances like this mosque things stop showing up. We need to realize that Muslims are like us and need a place to worship too.

In this article http://www.religiondispatches.org/archive/politics/5320/tibet_is_burning%3A_is_the_freedom_movement_entering_a_new_phase/ it talks about recent protests against Chinese rule in Tibet by young monks who have burned themselves alive.

This article was interesting to me because self immolation is such a foreign thing to me why would someone burn themselves alive to protest something. However, self immolation is deeply embedded in  Tibetan culture as a powerful act of peaceful rebellion.  I also thought it was interesting because we just learned about protesting by monks in the Saffron Revolution and that protesting is still going on against China because there rules that hinder religion, specifically Buddhism in this case. The view the author takes is a reproving one because of the tone he used when describing these protests as suicides and wondering how many more would happen. He seems to think that these suicides are pointless madness. I liked in the article that the author gave a very brief history of monks revolting, sometimes peacefully sometimes with violence even gorilla warfare. Hopefully things get better for Tibetan people and everything can be resolved without anymore deaths.